Fraser Fir


 The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color, pleasant scent and excellent shipping characteristics has led to Fraser fir being a most popular Christmas tree species. It requires from 7 to 10 years in the field to produce a 6-7 foot tree.


The Fraser Fir has:

• dark green color

• lush dense foliage

• excellent needle retention

• strong branches capable of carrying heavy ornaments

• nice light fragrance

The needles of the Fraser Fir are:

• soft, making the tree ideal for children to handle and decorate

• flat and up to 1 inch long

•deep green with a blue/grey underside

• curled up (on upper branches)

Balsam Fir


As a Christmas tree, balsam fir has several desirable properties. It has a dark green appearance, long lasting needles and attractive form. It also retains its pleasing fragrance. 9-10 years in the field are required to produce a 6-7 foot tree.  


The Balsam Fir has:

•a dark green appearance

•good needle retention

•an attractive form

•a wonderful fragrance

The needles of the Balsam Fir are:

•15-25 mm (¾-1 inch) long

•flat with a rounded or notched tip


•lower branches have two rows of needles along the sides of each branch

•dark-green on top and whiter on the bottom

Concolor Fir

As a Christmas tree, Concolor fir has good foliage color, a pleasing natural shape and aroma and good needle retention.


 The Concolor Fir has:

• good foliage color 

• a pleasing shape 

•a wonderful aroma

The needles of the Concolor Fir are:

• small narrow needles

• laid out in rows

•good needle retention

•a wonderful fragrance

Blue Spruce


Blue spruce is finding increasing popularity as a Christmas tree as a result of its symmetrical form, strong branches and attractive blue foliage. The species has excellent natural shape and requires little shearing. Additional, needle retention is among the best for the spruces.


The Blue Spruce has:

•symmetrical shape

•attractive blue foliage

The needles of the Blue Spruce are:

•15-30 mm (.5-1.5 inches) long needles

•short and stiff


• very good needle retention


Canaan (pronounced "Ka-naan") is a relative newcomer to the Christmas tree market. It has many similarities to both Fraser and Balsam firs in growth and appearance.

The Canaan Fir has:

•a wonderful bouquet of balsam fir combined with the beauty of a Fraser fir

The needles of the Canaan Fir are:

•a beautiful green topside and a silver underside

•shorter and flat

• curve upward